Eternity · Single Player · In Development (with Demo released)

Vaporware is a collaborative project for the Eternity Engine, created by a loosely-organized group of friends from various corners of the Doom community. We like making maps, we were aware of Eternity’s capabilities, and we decided it’d be fun to create some maps that made use of those capabilities. We organized a little project amongst a few of ourselves, and over time it evolved into this.

Featuring maps in a wide variety of themes and styles, Vaporware showcases a range from techbases to temples, and catacombs to spaceships, and beyond. These maps make extensive usage of Eternity’s modding features, combining overly-perfectionist design with never-before-seen possibilities.

Vaporware also includes a large quantity of new resources, including textures, monsters, weapons, ambient sounds, and an original ogg-format soundtrack composed by Julian Hope and Esselfortium.

Vaporware Demo is a single-map preview of the project, featuring a fully-playable version of Cargo Transfer by Esselfortium, a stone and metal techbase built into the side of a cliff overlooking a giant abyss. This demo is the first ever released project to make use of the Eternity Engine’s Linked Portal room-over-room technology.

This 1.01 update fixes a minor bug with an incorrectly tagged secret area.


  1. BubbaZanetti says:

    Sweet layout, great sounds and graphics, and just a great use of the Doom engine. The enery and effort really pay off with a great level. Keep up the killer design!

  2. dango says:

    When do you think that this mod will be complete? seriously, it have perfect graphic and design, is beautifull

    • esselfortium says:

      You can get the latest Eternity Engine from the wiki at

      I’m not sure what’s going on with the old Eternity site on Doomworld. I think Quasar somehow lost access to the FTP and can’t update it anymore. Either way, the Eternity wiki (and/or the Eternity subforum on should have what you need.

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