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The Jetsons’ DM Pack 9: Silly name, serious gameplay.

Three ludicrously high-detail deathmatch maps for online play in Skulltag, each playtested to perfection. Fight it out in beautiful floating space-station and cyberpunk city environments, designed with countless new resources.


Perhaps the best-known of SpaceDM9’s levels is S9DM03: Shogouki, a gigantic cyberpunk future-city built in collaboration between Mechadon and Esselfortium. Shogouki takes advantage of never-before-seen mapping tricks and effects to create a truly three-dimensional environment in the Doom engine, covered in holographic floors and overhead windows, and even featuring a walk-through aquarium. Multiple side streets and alleyways are all directly interconnected and available to explore.


S9DM01: Air Snares was the first map to be developed for the SpaceDM9 project, and it set forth the goals for the project as a whole. Featuring angular architecture and heavy usage of sloped structures, the map’s modern visual design was emphasized just as much as its vertically-oriented layout. Players can leap straight across from one end of the map to the other in seconds, with its open and vertical design giving players countless paths to choose from.


Eat At Phobo’s is S9DM02, the closest thing SpaceDM9 has to a classic-styled map. Built around an octagonal arena, this level aims to capture the open playground style of SpaceDM9’s gameplay within a more classic context. It was designed solely using the standard Doom II resources (excepting the custom sky) and original map format. Due to the nature of gravity on Phobos, jumping has been disabled on this level for your safety.


Built with the aim to marry vertical gameplay and smooth layout flow with unique settings and extreme attention to detail, these open-ended levels push the boundaries of level design in Doom to create an experience reminiscent of Quake 3 Arena.

All three levels were first built and refined as rough layouts before the detailing process began, allowing for the implementation of visual elements that otherwise would have been nearly impossible in the Doom engine.

Originally planned to be a much larger set, SpaceDM9 was released in the face of waning team interest after the completion of three maps. Features two Esselfortium maps (Air Snares and Eat at Phobo’s) and a gigantic Mechadon/Esselfortium collaboration (Shogouki).

The 1.01 update adds a workaround to avoid rendering glitches in newer versions of ZDoom’s renderer.

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  1. FireFish says:

    The Jetsons’ DM Pack 9 :
    looking at the screenshots, they look damn nice.
    the level design shown in those pictures remind me of some well known other games.

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