Vanilla (Doom.exe) · Single Player/Coop/DM · Released

Doom The Way id Did (DTWiD) is a community-built megawad aiming to replace all of Doom’s original maps with new ones that closely match the styles of their original authors John Romero, Sandy Petersen, and Tom Hall.

Extensive research and a peer review process were employed by the project team in order to bring each finalized map as close to authenticity as possible. Over 100 levels were created and submitted for the project, 27 of which were selected based on their quality, authenticity, and ability to form a cohesive whole when sequenced together into episodes.

DTWiD was first envisioned by Hellbent (of Greenwar fame), and he along with other members including Ellmo, Xaser, and St. Alfonzo all contributed to project planning and leadership. A rather large number of community members made contributions to the project, and a full list can be found in the download’s included text file.

My own mapping contributions primarily included building E1M1: Communications Bridge, E1M3: Fuel Synthesis, and about half of E2M2: Filtration Compound, which I collaborated on with Xaser.

Late in development, I made some major changes to Marcaek’s E2M8: Vault, replacing its original techbase-styled appearance with a demonic bricks-and-wood theme, and bringing the outer walls down to allow access to a newly-added outside. I also helped with minor revisions to several other contributors’ levels, adjusting detail, architecture, textures, and lighting for better authenticity.

The completed project was released December 10th, 2011, the date of Doom’s 17th birthday.

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