Boom compatible · Single Player · Released

This community project led by Mechadon was released back in 2009, and features 32 single-player maps, each jam-packed into a tiny 1024×1024 space. And one of them is mine!


I contributed level 19, Nova Scotia Robots. It’s a small, rusted techbase, containing some moving parts to enable better use of the extremely limited space.

I speedmapped my contribution over the course of two or three evenings, first building a rough untextured layout in order to better enable me to quickly make adjustments and compromises to fit a comfortably-scaled environment into the small space. I’ve since used this method of map-building in the development of several other projects, most notably SpaceDM9.


I also contributed the texture set that Mechadon used in his secret map 33, Nil. These were among my earliest released textures, and some were later dusted off and cleaned up for use in Back to Saturn X.


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