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For the eleventh 32in24 mapping session, a total of 45 Free-For-All Deathmatch map layouts were designed in a 24-hour period by an assortment of community members. Mappers were allowed a week afterwards to polish up their submissions’ gameplay and visuals, followed by a week of intense playtesting, bugfixing, and balancing including two online test runs coordinated with the fine folks over at Odamex Saturday Nitro.

As a whole it’s been hailed as the most successful, high-quality, and generally fun to play 32in24 production to date, and thank goodness, I’m pretty proud of my contributions to it!

I created three of the maps, each titled as a cheesy pun on a famous Doom project: the gothic temple Ultraman Torment N’ Torture, shiny space station Vrack to the Izzo, and detail-guide pastiche Knee-Deep in Zeldoom.


MAP17: The Ultraman Torment N’ Torture was my first submission, a gothic temple in a grassy courtyard in the vein of Crucified Dreams. It’s a relatively simple, open layout based around a central courtyard with several paths and platforms all connected directly around it. I built the layout in about an hour originally, at the very start of the layout-building day, and later spent two days detailing it.


MAP03: Vrack to the Izzo is an angular space station influenced by scenes from Fredrik Johannson’s Vrack series and Mechadon‘s body of work, and comparable to my own SpaceDM9, with lots of direct vertical connections providing opportunities for drop-ins and other quick maneuvers. I built the layout in the final few hours of the 32in24, and finished texturing and detailing it the following day. My initial impulse was to title it “Vrack to the Future,” but I opted for the even sillier way out.


MAP29: Knee-Deep in Zeldoom, my other submission, is a stylistic parody of Tormentor667’s The Art Of High Detail mapping tutorial. I built it in about three hours total, including time spent detailing. In spite of the goofy visual design, I aimed to create a layout that was still fully playable and fun to run around in for serious games. I’m not posting screenshots of it, because really. I’m not going to embarrass myself like that.


The rest of the set features a surprisingly high number of great contributions from 32in24 regulars and new participators alike, and has managed to keep servers packed with players for hours on end.

The total production time from the initial layout-building day to the completed, heavily tested final release was just under two weeks. With this 32in24 we’ve finally come upon a production process that allows us to quickly produce tons of fun, polished maps that not only look great but play well too.

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